December 16th 6:30pm Private Workshop DEPOSIT

$ 150.00
Who will be paying for each guest?
If you have a guest of honor, {birthday girl or boy, bride, mother to be, etc...} PLEASE enter their name below so that we can properly title your event.
By checking this box, I confirm that I understand and agree this $150 deposit will ONLY be refunded {of if a kid's party, applied to balance} IF I get 12 guests {or 20 depending on your date} {including myself} registered by my listed deadline AND at least 12 guests {or 20 depending on your date} {including myself} attend the actual workshop. If I fail to do so, my $150 deposit payment will not be refunded or credited it will be forfeited.
Are you celebrating a special occasion? If so, will you need tables for food & gifts? Is there a person/event you are celebrating? Please be sure to leave details below so we can be prepared to help you celebrate!

There is a TWELVE person minimum for ALL Private Workshops!!


Our Private Workshops give you exclusive access to our studio on the date and time you pick!  Perfect for celebrating birthdays {adults and children {5 and older}}, brides and moms to be! They are also great for team building and so much more.  Depending on the project you decide to make, we can accommodate up to 30 people!


Private Workshop options:
1} Police/Fire Door Hangers
$45 per person/up to 24 adults
2} Urban Farmhouse Last Name Plank Sign
$55-65 per person/up to 24 adults
3} Plank Wood Signs {over 30 designs to pick from}
$55-65 per person/up to 24 adults
4} Signature Pallet Signs {ALL NEW designs for 2018...over 50 to pick from! Pic not shown since this is so new}
$45-50 per person/up to 24 adults
5} Wedding Sign Workshop
{message us for details}
6} Private Kid's Sign Party
$30 per child/up to 30 children
7} Urban Farmhouse Established Pallet Sign
$55-65 per person/up to 24 adults
8} Porch Signs
$55 per person/up to 20 adults
9}Farmhouse Blanket Ladders
$45-50 per person/up to 20 adults
10} Porch Decor {snowmen, angels or trees}
$45-55 per person/up to 24 adults

In order to secure THIS date, you MUST submit the $150 deposit. Please read below to see what is required to get your $150 deposit refunded.


As the hostess, YOU are responsible for inviting guests and making sure they register by your workshop deadline, which is clearly listed on your exclusive registration link. The deadline for ALL guest to register is 10 days prior to your event, unless otherwise arranged/noted.

If you cancel or reschedule your party for ANY reason your deposit will be forfeited.

To get your $150 deposit back, you MUST have at least 12 guests {or 20 depending on your date} {including yourself} register AND ATTEND your event. The deposit will be refunded within 48 hours after your event takes place. IF you do not get at least 12 guests {or 20 depending on your date} {including yourself} registered by the deadline, your event will be cancelled and your deposit will NOT be refunded or will be forfeited.

If someone registers and has to cancel or no-show, their registration fee will be forfeited. We suggest you work with them to find someone to take their place. Keep in mind, you deposit will only be refunded IF at least 12 people {or 20 depending on your date} register and attend your event!

Private Workshops will have exclusive access of our workshop for 2.5 hours on the date and time you secure. ALL guests that plan to attend MUST register by the deadline! ONLY those who have registered can enter the studio so please be sure everyone registers. 

Everyone attending an adult workshop MUST BE 18 years of age or older. If you reserve a Private Workshop for your child, children over the age of 5 are welcome to attend. EVERY child attending must have a paid reservation 

Once some has registered and picked their design NO CHANGES can be made. Please make sure everyone understands this. 

Our address is 10360 US Hwy 19 North Pinellas Park. For detailed directions to our shop please visit this link: 

Please make sure you and your guests arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of your event. Anyone arriving any more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to enter and their reservation fee will not be returned. 

You are welcome to bring food and drinks, even beer and wine, as well as supplies such as plates, serving ware, ice, etc. If you or anyone brings alcohol, EVERYONE consuming must be at least 21 years old or older. NO ALCOHOL consumption is allowed at Private Workshops for children!

EVERYONE that attends our workshops MUST sign a liability waiver upon arrival. 

If you would like more information! Send us an email at


BEFORE completing the check out process, PLEASE be sure to read our POLICIES PAGE thoroughly. Click HERE to be taken to that page.
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