VIRTUAL Hostess {pick your date here!}

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Date must be AFTER July 20th. Please make sure the date you pick is AT LEAST 4 weeks out so that your guests have plenty of time to register AND we can get their kits mailed to them!
Would you like to have one of our instructors VIRTUALLY guide you on the date/time you have entered? This fee is a NON REFUNDABLE fee.

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Now you can be a Nook & Cranny Workshop Hostess no matter where you live!!

  • There are NO DEPOSITS required for our virtual workshops
  • Hostess picks the date and time that works for her
  • Choose from over 10 project options
  • ALL supplies are included and shipped to each person that registers

If at least 10 people register for your VIRTUAL workshop you will earn a $40 Nook & Cranny gift certificate to use for a future event!

  • LOCAL and want to save you and your guests on shipping? As the hostess you can PICK UP everyone's kits OR if you live within 20 miles of our studio we will personally deliver all of the kits to your home!!
  • VIRTUAL Workshops can be lead by the hostess herself OR for a fee of $50 we can have one of our instructors guide you with a LIVE virtual tutorial on the day and time of your event.

Project options: {paints and shipping is included in the prices listed below}

Plank Framed Sign {over 50 designs to pick from}
$70 per person
Medium Framed Sign {over 50 to pick from!}
$55 per person
Mini Framed Sign {over 100 designs to pick from!}
$38 per person
Kid's Themed Sign
$40 per person
Kid's Mini Scrabble
$40 per person
Kid's Personalized Name Sign
$40 per person
Round Sign {not reversible}
$50-60 per person
Scrabble Rack Set
$70-80 per person
Interchangeable Welcome to our Home Plank
$75 per person
Interchangeable Home Sweet Home Door Hanger
$60 per person
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